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Sparhawk Trucking’s First Priority Is Safety

Safety Meetings

Every year we host a companywide safety meeting in partnership with our insurance provider.  These safety meetings cover safety topics such as proper sight, speed, and space techniques, how to approach curves and turns and safe efficient ways to manage fatigue and good health. We also put a heavy emphasis on seasonal driving, especially during the winter months. Our objective is to provide a refresher course to help our drivers keep up on what they learned in school and over the road training.  It also provides us the opportunity to showcase our drivers with exceptional driving records.

Post-Accident Retraining

When Sparhawk Trucking drivers are involved in an accident, they are brought in to measure competency and additional training to reduce future risk. After an accident, the driver is dispatched to our headquarters for a competency evaluation to assess the driver’s risk behaviors and provide hands-on training to correct poor performance.

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Fatigue Management

Fatigue is the leading contributor to critical crash accidents. The objective of our Fatigue Management program is to prevent major accidents such as those caused by failing to yield, leaving the highway, rollovers, and inattention. From 10 p.m. to 7 a.m., the Fatigue Manager monitors activity of hundreds of trucks and identifies those who may not be fully alert. Our fatigue policy is, “Drivers should not operate during the hours of midnight to 6 a.m. unless their load requires it”.

Performance Recognition

Sparhawk Trucking truck drivers are recognized for their individual performance including the number of safe driving miles they operate, the number of years of service they contribute, their driver status, and their on-time service.

We have drivers with over two million miles driven without an accident!  They definitely deserve an award.

Safety Orientation

This valuable presentation gives truck drivers comprehensive instruction for driving safely and familiarizes them with the various resources that are available to assist them. Classes help drivers become more familiar with the Safe Driving Department including accident reporting procedures, accident evaluations, post-accident retraining, safety meeting attendance, safety bonuses, and various safety curriculum.