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Information Is The Engine That Powers Our Business

Information Technology Systems

Sparhawk Trucking runs on information as much as it does on highways and diesel fuel.  Our fleet is connected through a vast network of information technology that enhances the accuracy of our shipping data and the speed and efficiency by which this information is shared.  This enables us to improve communications, increase shipment speed and accuracy, reduce inventory needed for operations, lower the costs of doing business, and increase customer and driver satisfaction.  Satellite tracking gives us the ability to pinpoint the location of our equipment and customer orders, as well as communicate with drivers.

Load scheduling systems enable us to assign loads to trucks at different locations each day more efficiently with less manpower.  We can also send customers the truck closest to them, which helps reduce response time and increase customer satisfaction.

Mobile Communication Systems

Our fleet employs some pretty advanced communications systems including EDI, OmniTracs mobile computing systems, and Internet tracking and imaging systems.  Using OmniTracs mobile computing systems, Sparhawk Trucking constantly tracks our trailers and trucks and monitors the status of our customer’s freight.

Through our advanced communications network, we can send directions and messages, process paperwork upon delivery, and guide drivers around problems on the road that could cause costly delays in term of time and non-billable miles.

The Right Equipment

At Sparhawk Trucking, we believe in giving our drivers a full arsenal of advanced technology to improve safety, make their jobs easier, more efficient, more comfortable, and more convenient, including:

  • Prepass
  • EZ-Pass
  • Integrated Navigation
  • Fuel Stop Locator (Coming-Soon)
  • In-Cab Document Scanning
  • Air-Weigh Onboard Scales
  • Air-Release Fifth-Wheel
  • Air-Release Trailer Slides
  • In-Cab Web Browsing/Internet Access
  • In-Cab SiriusXM Receiver